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The place where the story of MMS UK started


June 30th,  2019, our Springfield community London, together with Immaculate Tusingwire who is visiting, went to Winchcombe, a village in the beautiful Cotswold Hills, where the old cottage of Miss Pauline Willis still can be found. It is where MMS in the UK started. 


In the early days of the MMS society, a growing interest in medical missions urged our foundress Anna Dengel to open a house that would receive young women to join Medical Mission Sisters in the UK and Europe. Miss Pauline Willis, a great supporter of Anna Dengel and fundraiser for her mission, offered her own summer cottage in the Cotswold village of Winchcombe, as a temporary 'home base'. And in this cottage, Medical Mission Sisters came into being in England on 3rd October 1931. 


By chance the sisters from London met the present owner who gave a spontanous tour through the house and shared about its long and changing history, from serving as a pub, a summer cottage, a nuns' convent and then as a family home.



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