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Welcome to Springfield Community



We are a group of younger sisters coming from different parts of the world. Living in an international and intercultural community invites us to build relationships that integrate cultural patterns, values and/or ethnic differences in community. We learn to widen our hearts to hold the diversity, and to welcome each other's gifts of culture and spirituality as we search and touch the common ground beyond all differences.



Our life is enriched by the people in the multicultural Borough of Ealing, one of the most ethnically diverse areas of London. We are migrants among other migrants and experience the joys and challenges of a new beginning. Here we share our life with our sisters, friends, neighbours, with those we meet in our working places, in our parish, in the language school or in the shop ...



As a vibrant group of women religious we search for new ways to express our faith and to share the good news in a modern society that is struggling with the question of God.

No matter where you come from and how you are, and no matter what else you do in your life - whether you're on the search for God and bring along a lot of questions or if you want to experience and share your faith anew - Welcome! 


In this place you will find


Community, Generosity, Hope, Meaning, Attention, Prayer, Grace...

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