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Medical Mission Sisters in the UK, most of whom have spent many years in overseas mission, live and work mainly in the area of Greater London. Other sisters have come from different parts of the world to join in life and mission in the context of this very multicultural city, or are involved in Society leadership.


Our collective experience of living among peoples of many cultures, religions and traditions has shaped us and given us a heart sense of "presence" to the people among whom we live and work.


We live in small groups under one roof, or singly in the same neighbourhood. We meet together for mutual support, challenge, discernment, inspiration and celebration. 'Community' then becomes an expression of our commitment to one another and to our common call.


Following Jesus, the wounded healer, we share our lives with the people around us, within the Catholic church and with those made poor and marginalised in our modern society.


As women we have grown in the consciousness that we experience and respond to reality in a "woman way". We seek to bring the strength of our feminine understanding to all our relationships, with ourselves, with others, with creation, and with God.

Medical Mission Sisters, Ealing Community
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