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Earth is our Common Home


“We experience nature as the revelation of God’s presence and action…

Earth is the fascinating and awe-inspiring manifestation of the divine presence as creator of life, sustainer, nurturer and wellspring of healing energies.”

Reflections on Religious Life and Vows, MMS Asia


The ecological crisis urges us to hear the cry of the Earth. Increasing numbers of environmental disasters, pollution and the exploitation of natural disasters are putting the health and integrity of communities that depend on them, at risk. This disproportionately affects the poorest and most vulnerable communities. We recognize the exploitation of the Earth as one important sign of this time which needs an urgent response. Earth is our common home and we all must foster a sustainable lifestyle to preserve it for the next generations to come.


We, Medical Mission Sisters, are coming to see that in whatever mission we are involved, we have to include the awareness of being a healing presence to and with the Earth. Even our option for the poor has to be seen in connection with the lessons Earth teaches us and the resources she provides. Our choices in mission and the way we use the resources of our Earth, as persons, communities and nations must be made within the reality of our planet.


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