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Emergency Relief in Kerala


We regularly receive heart breaking news from our sisters in Kerala who are reaching out to the victims of recent floods. Our Hospital in Kottayam provides clean drinking water as part of the emergency relief.


Sr Rose Pottanany writes " Some families of our sisters too were affected but not so extensive. The compound wall of IHM hospital came down because of heavy rain and flood but the buildings and people are safe. The IHM staff and MMS are reaching out to the affected people through relief camps. We gave shelter to families of our employees in Ushus and Sayujya communities. In Kottayam area, Unit house community reached out to three relief camps providing supplies.


The positive thing that happened is that people started helping out one another. All barriers of caste, creed, political or religious affiliation, rich or poor, boss or employee -all these boundaries were flown off by the powerful water currents! Individuals, fishermen, government, military, navy ordinary people, youth, church people, Hindu, Muslim all were together in extending a helping hand either as rescue operators, volunteers reaching food, water, medicine and essential supplies or accommodating in their own houses, relief camps, seeing to it that the people are registered in the camps so that they can avail the government aids now as well after they return to their homes."

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