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Refugee Tales Walk 2017…Walking with the Cause!


Medical Mission Sisters joined the Refugee Tales Walk, a walking solidarity event with refugees,  asylum seekers and ex-detainees , now  in its 3rd year (30th June to 5th July), to campaign to end indefinite detention in United Kingdom


Refugee Tales is an outreach project of Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group, inspired by the Group’s experience of 20 years of visiting men held in immigration detention in Gatwick.  In July 2017, the Group walked from Runnymede to Westminster; in the evening, there were presentations of narrative stories of asylum seekers, refugees and detainees, as well as the stories of those who work with them. This event has been creating and building a community of welcome, hospitality, courage and hope. The stories communicate the experiences of migration and of being detained indefinitely. (visit


Here in the UK, Sisters Magda Pittaro, Rosalinda Maog and Simone Herrmann are directly involved,  working with migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, trafficked women and homeless people through collaboration with other charities supporting them.


N.B. A group photo break taken on 3rd July 2017, during an 11 miles walk from Kingston to Brentford, (Sarah Hicks - Photographer)


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