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August 2015

American born MMS Elaine Kohls has worked in Ethiopia for over 30 years.  From 2001-2013, she was Manager of  St Luke Catholic Hospital and College of Nursing in Wolisso, 112km south west of Addis Ababa.  Ensuring safe and clean water was always an important part of Elaine's ministry. MMS representative to the UN, Celine Paramundayil, after attending the UN conference in Addis Abeba, was present at this special ceremony honouring  Elaine. 

Celine writes… "On July 19th Elaine was invited to the Orthodox Church in Wolisso where the bishop and hundreds of parishioners gathered for the Sunday service.  Amidst clapping and cheers she was called to the decorated chair and awarded with a Certificate of Merit for her great contribution in providing water to that area - there are more than 140 tube wells around this area which started as hand-dug wells under the leadership of Elaine.  She was appreciated for her tireless work - and gifted with an Ethiopian dress, too!
We then moved to an old tube well operated by a generator. Water gushed out of the well as people rejoiced. We were accompanied by the bishop and local leaders to the Church property where they plan to grow three crops a year using the same water.  It was great to witness this occasion where there is a practical application of the Sustainable Development Goals the UN is finalizing these days." 

Medical Mission Sisters Elaine (left) and Celine                                  See Gallery

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