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St Clare's School of Community Health Nursing at Kaplong Mission Hospital, Kenya

July 2015

Brenda Lung’atso MMS, is the principal tutor at St Clare’s.

St Clare’s is about 5 hours car drive north west of Nairobi.  Staff and students come from all over Kenya. In 2013, under her leadership, 75 newly qualified nurses graduated. In 2014, St Clare’s was recognised as one of the top schools of nursing.

Brenda writes…The staff of St Clare’s took student nurses through a community diagnosis exercise. How to find the way through the mud of learning’ is a skill to be passed on to future nurses.  I, as principal nursing tutor, together with my colleague tutors, see to it that the nursing education is relevant to the needs of the people, founded on the love of God and neighbour in a healing way.

‘To negotiate the potholes of ill health towards healing and wholeness’: sometimes one needs to follow where there is a footstep; other times, one has to find the way where no one has dared to step, taking on the challenge of leadership and its risks. This is just what the staff and students from St Clare’s are about.

‘Reaching out to the community’ is the aspiration of St Clare’s.  We teach students to take what is learned in the classroom to the people in the community so as to offer holistic health to those in need.


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