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Drum up my Heart for Life

June 2015

Sr Jyoti Kujur, a member of the International Springfield Community in London was awarded the Marsh Volunteer Award for Outstanding Achievement in her work with homeless clients.

Jyoti is volunteering as outreachworker with St Mungo's Broadway, a Uk wide charity dedicated to the work with the homeless. In the beginning she went out early morning and late in the night to visit her mainly Indian clients in parks and remote houses together with the social workers. She shares the joys and struggles the homeless in our borough go through. Coming from their own culture and speaking their language was a tremendous help to bridge the cultural gap and make the homeless feel more comfortable and at ease. Due to her hard work and her unbelievable endurance she took over client follow ups and accompanies them to the solicitor or GP. 

Jyoti holds a BA in Indian classical music and more recently she started experimenting with her tablah in empowering others. Together with one of her homeless clients she performed during various occasions and they both rocked the stage! 


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