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Kate Coombes - Celebration of Diamond Jubilee as MMS and 85th birthday

June 2015

Kate was born in Bournemouth in 1930 and entered Medical Mission Sisters in 1952, making her first vows in 1955. She worked in India for some years before returning to England to be part of a vocations drive, editing and selling the MMS magazine, and giving talks about our Society in schools and for parish groups all over the UK. In the '70s' Kate studied occupational therapy and returned to India for a while. Back in England she worked as an occupational therapist in a rehabilitation unit for four years. This led to a long term involvement with disabled people who were struggling to attain their place in the Church and in society.  It also led to employment by the Commission for Contemplatives as Consultant to the Communities.  For over 20 years she worked with the enclosed contemplative women of England, Scotland and Wales in such matters as health care, earning a living, ongoing education. Kate spent several years as a hermit in Wales and Lancaster and now lives in a retirement village in Surrey. There she tries to be a good neighbour, in a village where many live to be 100!

"Sing unto God a jubilant song, praising the one to Whom we belong.

Sing of the future, and of the past, Love everlasting, holding us fast"

M.T. Winter

Medical Mission Sister Kate Coombes, left

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