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Time to retire

January 2015

For the past 50 years, John Dixon our "stamp agent" in South Shields - who admits to being "obsessed with stamp collecting"! - has been sorting and selling  stamps at market value, at auctions and stamp clubs throughout the north east of England.  His wife Joan has been his able assistant, putting up with enormous inconvenience, including having a bath always full of soaking stamps, and radiators and towels covered in stamps drying off...Over these 50 years John has raised a grand total of over £50,000 for the work of Medical Mission Sisters; this year alone he raised £2,027, an amazing achievement in these days when electronic communication is so prevalent!  

Sadly, the time has come for John and Joan to retire. We want to express our deep gratitude to them for their generous commitment and hard work on our behalf and wish them many happy years in retirement. Thanks also to those of you who have faithfully collected and sent your stamps to John and to us.    

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